Important Instructions

The selected candidates are advised to report in the concerned Department during office hours and required to produce the following documents in original and also advised to submit three sets of attested photocopies of the following documents at the time of issuance of Fee Challan.

Sr.# Program Name Merit Lists
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
1 B.Ed. (Hons) (Morning) View
2 B.Ed. (Hons) (Self Support) View
3 BS English Language Teaching (Morning) View View
4 BS English Language Teaching (Self Support) View View
5 B.Ed 2.5 (Morning) View
6 B. Ed. (1.5 Years) (Morning) View View
7 B.Ed. (1.5 Years) (Self Support) View View
8 BS Special Education (Self Support) View View
9 BS Special Education (Morning) View View
10 BS Applied Chemistry (Morning) View
11 BS Applied Chemistry (Self Support) View
12 BS Chemistry (Self Support) View View
13 BS Chemistry( 5th Semester) (Self Support) View
14 BS Mathematics (Self Support) View View
15 BS Mathematics (5th Semester) (Morning) View
16 BS Physics (Self Support) View View
17 BS Physics (Morning) View View
18 BS Statistics (Morning) View View
19 BS Statistics(5th Semester) (Morning) View
20 BS Botany (Morning) View View
21 BS Botany (Self Support) View View
22 BS Botany (5th Semester) (Self Support) View
23 BS Botany(5th Semester) (Morning) View
24 MPhil Botany (Self Support) View
25 BS Environmental Sciences (Self Support) View
26 BS Environmental Sciences (Morning) View View
27 BS Biology (Morning) View View
28 BS Biology (Self Support) View
29 BS Zoology. (Morning) View View View
30 BS Zoology.. (Self Support) View View
31 BS Zoology intake 5th Semester.. (Morning) View
32 BS Zoology intake 5th Semester.. (Self Support) View
33 BS Molecular Biology (Morning) View
34 BS Molecular Biology (Self Support) View
35 MPhil Molecular Biology (Self Support) View
36 BS Bio Chemistry (Self Support) View
37 BS Bio Chemistry (Morning) View View
38 MPhil Biochemistry (Self Support) View
39 BS Biotechnology (Morning) View View
40 BS Biotechnology (Self Support) View View
41 BS Computational Biology (Morning) View
42 BS Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (Morning) View
43 BS Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (Self Support) View
44 MPhil Microbiology & Molecular Genetics (Self Support) View
45 BS Bioinformatics (Self Support) View
46 BS Bioinformatics (Morning) View View
47 BFA Graphic Design (Morning) View View
48 BFA Graphic Design (Self Support) View
49 BFA Painting (Morning) View
50 BFA Painting (Self Support) View
51 BS Accounting & Finance (Morning) View View
52 BS Accounting & Finance (Self Support) View View
53 BS Banking & Finance (Morning) View View
54 BS Banking & Finance (Self Support) View View
55 BS Commerce (Morning) View View
56 BS Commerce (Self Support) View
57 BS Economics (Self Support) View
58 BS Islamic Studies (Morning) View View
59 BS Islamic Studies (Self Support) View
60 BS Islamic Studies (5th Semester) (Self Support) View
61 BS Islamic Studies(5th Semester) (Morning) View View
62 BS Tourism and Hospitality Management (Morning) View View
63 BS Political Science (Morning) View
64 BS Political Science (Self Support) View
65 BS International Relations (Morning) View View View
66 BS International Relations (Self Support) View View View
67 BS Social Work (Morning) View
68 BS Social Work (Self Support) View
69 BS Library and Information Sciences (Morning) View View
70 BS Library and Information Sciences (Self Support) View View
71 BBA (Self Support) View View
72 BBIT (Self Support) View View
73 BS Public Administration (Morning) View View
74 BS Public Administration (Self Support) View
75 BBA (5th Semester) (Morning) View View
76 BBA (5th Semester) (Self Support) View
77 MS Management Sciences (Self Support) View
78 BS Sociology (Morning) View View View
79 BS Sociology (Self Support) View View
80 BS Communication Studies (Morning) View View
81 BS Criminology (Morning) View View
82 BS Criminology (Self Support) View View
83 BS English (TESOL) (Morning) View View View
84 BS English (TESOL) (Self Support) View View
85 BS Sport Sciences and Physical Education (Morning) View View
86 BS Sports Sciences and Physical Education (Self Support) View View
87 BS Science Education (Morning) View
88 BS Science Education (Self Support) View
89 BS Psychology (Morning) View View
90 BS Psychology (Self Support) View View
91 M.Phil Wildlife & Ecology (Self Support)
92 M.Phil Fisheries & Aquaculture (Self Support) View
93 BS (Hons) Educational Planning & Management (Morning) View View View
94 BS (Hons) Educational Planning & Management (Self Support) View
95 BS English (Morning) View View View
96 BS English (Self Support) View View View
97 BS English -Literature & Languages (Self Support) View View
98 BS English-Literature & Languages (Morning) View View
99 BS Education (Morning) View View
100 BS Education (Self Support) View
101 BS Education (5th Semester) (Morning) View View
102 BS Education (5th Semester) (Self Support) View
103 BS Computational Physics (Morning) View
104 BS Computational Physics (Self Support) View
105 BS Computational Physics (5th Semester) (Morning) View
106 BS Computational Physics (5th Semester) (Self Support) View
107 BS Food and Science Technology (City Block) (Morning) View View
108 BS Food Science & Technology (City Block) (Self Support) View
109 BS Remote Sensing & GIS (Morning) View View
110 BS Remote Sensing & GIS (Self Support) View
111 BS Medical Lab Technology (City Block) (Self Support) View View
112 BS Human Nutrition & Dietetics (City Block) (Self Support) View
113 BS Human Nutrition & Dietetics (City Block) (Morning) View View View